What are toppers?

We’ve come up with a new type of activity to ‘top up’ girls’ experiences of guiding.

22 March 2022

Our ‘toppers’ are for girls to enjoy with their unit or at home. 

They’re a new type of stand-alone activity, and they’re not part of the core programme.

The activities can be for any occasion, whether that’s opening girls up to new experiences or supporting them through a challenging time.

Last year, we launched Adventures at Home - a set of adventurous activities to keep young ones busy during the lockdown. We wanted to create an online hub, with easy resources available to everybody looking for fun, adventure or support. It was a great success.  

So, we’ve been thinking. Since lockdown has been lifted, how can we continue to offer girls the chance to try something different? We want to offer girls a choice of activities without the commitment of a skills builder, to get stuck into at unit meetings or at home. We’ve called these activities ‘toppers’. 

Here’s everything you need to know about toppers, our new stand-alone activities: 

They aren't part of the core programme 

The clue’s in the name. Toppers are designed to ‘top up’ girls’ experiences of Girlguiding, whether that means celebrating an occasion or working through a challenge. That means they don’t need to be completed in order to earn fun badges. And they won’t count towards any skills builder or theme award hours.  

They can be completed in a unit meeting or at home 

There’s no need to be in your unit to enjoy toppers. You don’t even have to be a volunteer. Whether you're looking for a break from the core programme, or for something to enjoy at home with your kids, they’re here for you. 

They’re free activity sheets 

Toppers are stand-alone activities, and they’re completely free for girls to enjoy. They’ll come in the form of downloadable activity sheets full of different ideas. 

There’s no pressure to do them 

Toppers are designed to be enjoyed. Think of them as activities to help mark an occasion, work through a challenge, or just do something fun. No pressure! They’re there if and when you need them.  

They’re already available 

And finally, they’re here! The first set of toppers we’ve launched are our new bereavement activities, available to view in the latest edition of guiding magazine. You can now also download our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee toppers for free from our online shop.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on new football toppers in partnership with UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 coming in May.