Programme guidelines and clip art

Keen to promote the programme in your area? Learn how to create on brand materials featuring programme images

We have lots of images and resources available to help you promote our programme in your area.

What images can I use on my own materials?

Official programme resources need to be easily identified, so members can’t use the theme icons, theme names or badge images in their own materials. But to create exciting materials of your own with a similar look and feel to our programme resources, you can use our range of clip art images. 

Download these ZIP files for each section. All the relevant images will be saved to your computer and ready for you to use:

Please don't:

  • Alter or distort the images.
  • Change the colour of the images.
  • Remove or add anything to the images.
  • Try to recreate similar images.

Here are some examples of how the clip art images can be used on your materials:

What other materials are available to support me to explain the programme?

To help you explain the programme we’ve created 3 posters for each section. They include:

  • An overview of all the badges for each section divided by theme.
  • An overview of each of the programme themes.
  • An overview of what girls need to do to achieve a theme award and Gold award.

What are the programme theme icons and resources?

  • Theme icons: the programme has 6 core themes that run throughout all sections. Each theme has its own icon and name. Find out about the themes.
  • Resources: there are a range of resources available to support the programme. These include badges, badge books, record books, handbooks, skills builder cards and unit meeting activity cards.

Can I use the programme theme icons and names?

The theme icons and names shouldn't be used on any locally produced materials including communications, websites, social media, resources or training materials.

They show that our programme resources have been through a thorough quality assurance process managed by Girlguiding. So, to make sure our official programme activities and resources are clearly identifiable to our members and reflect this level of quality, the theme icons and names can only be used on materials produced centrally by Girlguiding HQ.

The theme icons and names aren't very useful for promoting Girlguiding externally, as without context and explanation they are hard to understand if you're not part of Girlguiding.

Can I use images of the programme badges and resources?

Images of programme badges and resources including section handbooks, badge books, record books, unit meeting activity cards and skills builder cards shouldn't be used in any locally produced materials, communications, websites, resources or training materials.

This is to make sure our official programme activities and resources are clearly identifiable to our members, and to help make communications to external audiences reflect the full programme of activities we offer at Girlguiding.

There are 2 exceptions: images of programme badges and resources can be used on local online shops to sell our programme materials to members. And GDPR compliant photos of girls achieving badges can be used in communications.

This advice also applies to the Queen’s Guide award. Its identity can’t be used on resources that would imply the content is part of the Queen’s Guide award syllabus. 

Can I make copies of unit meeting activity and skills builder cards?

Unit meeting activity cards and skills builder cards can only be photocopied to give to volunteers or girls in your unit to help run an activity.

They shouldn't be photocopied or scanned to distribute to volunteers outside of your unit. This includes information about interest badges from the badge books. 

Can I make copies of programme books? 

Pages from section handbooks, badge books and record book shouldn't be scanned or photocopied.

It’s important that every girl is be able to see the full range of activities and badges available to her and have access to the safety and section-specific information provided in the programme books.