Create a resource

Using our online design centre and creating your own resources

The best way to create on brand, localised Girlguiding materials is through our online design centre.

This replaces the Online Print Centre (OPC). It’s free to use and allows you to create print-ready designs to be sent to a professional printer of your choice, or that you can print at home.  

What is the online design centre? 

The online design centre is an external website that you can use to create localised Girlguiding materials. 

You’ll find: 

  • Girlguiding logos – create your own localised logo for your area 
  • Stationery – including letterheads and compliment slips 
  • Recruitment materials 

How do I use the online design centre? 

  • Go to Create your account to get started. Google Chrome or Firefox are the best internet browsers to use the online design centre, especially when creating your account.  
  • Explore the range and create the resources you need. If you get stuck, email [email protected].
  • For help on downloading and using our logos watch our how-to videos.

As our brand roll out continues, we'll increase the range of materials available on the online design centre.  

Creating your own resources  

If you can’t find what you need on the online design centre and you want to create your own resources, follow this advice: 

  • Use your local logo correctly - make sure you use a localised logo on all materials, using to the correct colourways and minimum space and size requirements that are in the brand guidelines. This will help people to know that you're a part of Girlguiding. Download our trefoil and connector logo for use on your resources, badges and merchandise.
  • Colours and fonts - make sure you use the right colours and fonts on your material. Girlguiding fonts and colours (and how to use them) are explained on our how we look webpage. 
  • Use great images - pictures are brilliant at communicating the Girlguiding experience and engaging people. Read our using images and video webpage for advice on using on brand imagery. 
  • Keep it short and simple creative resources such as banners, flyers and posters should be big on visual content with minimal writing. Avoid paragraphs of information. Focus on the key messages you want to get across, and don't get bogged down in the details. Check out the how we sound webpage for advice on our tone of voice and house style. 
  • A call to action – do you need your audience to do something after seeing your resource? If yes, have a clear call to action which is visible and easy to follow. For example, if your flyer is for an event, ask them to join you and provide them with the time and location of the event so they can do so easily. Use our house style for dates and times. 
  • Put supporting information online - if you’re tempted to include every little bit of information, consider putting it online with a signpost to your website on the resource. This way, you can focus the reader's attention on the important bits and let them look up extra information only if they need to. 
  • Leave margins - if your resource will be printed, leave text-free space around the edges of the document. This is so that when you send your design to a printer, their guillotines don't accidentally cut into important information.
  • Use our brand assets – to help you create on brand resources you can use our Girlguiding symbols, or the section icons and patterns in your designs. Please only use the symbols or icons that match the section you’re using. Don’t mix the Girlguiding symbols, or section icons. Download the ZIP files for each section. If you need design files, email [email protected]

It's important that all of our resources have a consistent look and feel, so please follow our brand guidelines and tone of voice guidelines closely.  

Ordering banners and flags  

Banners can be a great way to engage with lots of people at local events - and flags will help make your unit visible at events and camps. You can order a bespoke flag or banner from Girlguiding's personalised merchandise service. Email[email protected]with with your unit name, section and contact details for your order. Delivery will take between 6 to 8 weeks.  

Or create a localised pull up banner using the online design centre. 

If you create your own banner, you can email [email protected]and our team will be happy to review your design and check if it’s on brand.