Finance procedure

All our guidance on running your guiding accounts, including using online banking and debit cards.

Last reviewed: 6 October 2021

Guidance and advice for managing guiding finances.

This procedure explain how you can follow the finance policy and carry out your responsibilities when managing money and financial accounts.

Whether you're dealing with day-to-day finances for your unit, or a commissioner overseeing the end of year review process in your area, this guidance will make sure you're doing this correctly.

This information is all available in the unit finances section of our website.

What you need to do, and how you do it, might vary depending on which country or region you are guiding in, especially if you're outside of the UK.

If you're a member of British Guiding Overseas, you must follow local laws about handling money and financial records, even if this conflicts with our finance policy and procedure. If you’re unsure about how to use these procedure in your country, speak to the BGO chief commissioner.

Bank accounts

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Setting a budget and following it

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Making and receiving payments

  • Dealing with money coming in: including direct payments into bank accounts, cheques and cash.
  • Expenses: including how to claim, claiming in advance, grants for advisers and coordinators.

Additional resources:

End of year review

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Dealing with financial problems quickly

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Managing finances for overseas trips

Lending money

Other useful information

Fundraising income