Commonwealth award

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Get to know the sunny Seychelles or the UK's distant antipodes

The Commonwealth award is open to Guides aged 13 and over, Rangers, young leaders and adult members aged 18-25 in all Commonwealth countries (including Branch Associations). Members of British Girlguiding Overseas can also take part even if they are not living in a Commonwealth country.

Why should I get involved?

The Commonwealth Award is for members keen to learn more about the rich history of our organisation - and to explore countries and cultures unfamiliar to them. The award will help you discover more about your home country and the other 53 states in the Commonwealth. Perhaps you'll learn about the prehistoric roots of Sri Lanka or traditional Māori celebrations in New Zealand - each challenge is guided by you.

What does it entail?

You can complete this award by yourself or with your peers. There is no time limit, however you must undertake three compulsory challenges.

  • History of guiding - chart guiding from its beginning at the Crystal Palace rally in 1909.
  • Knowledge of the Commonwealth - explore and expand your knowledge of other Commonwealth countries and the development of the Commonwealth of Nations.
  • Community Action - carry out a minimum of 20 hours of voluntary work in your community.

You must also complete two additional challenges on the following themes:

  • health
  • environment
  • culture heritage
  • fit for life
  • out of doors
  • public speaking and debating
  • creative writing
  • citizenship
  • investigation.

Start your exploration

The Commonwealth award resource tells you everything you need to know about planning and achieving your award.

Download the Commonwealth Award resource