Planning your programme

Follow the fundamentals of good guiding when planning your programme to give every girl the best experience

Plan ahead and evaluate what you've done before - that's how to plan a great guiding programme

Good guiding is happening across the the UK all the time - but we all need to do our best to ensure that we're planning and delivering the programme that girls deserve.

There's no one way to do good guiding but there are some universal things to consider to ensure that you're offering a range of experiences to girls and that we provide them with consistent support throughout their Girlguiding journey.

Planning for good guiding

Use this checklist, and the more detailed pages linked to below, to make sure that you’re considering all the fundamentals of good guiding. 

Plan meetings and activities that are appropriate to the age and ability of your unit. Every girl should be able to access the opportunities available and also feel sufficiently challenged and engaged.