Large-scale events

How to organise or take girls to a large-scale event with Girlguiding

Large-scale events have a wow factor! Here's how to organise or attend one.

What's a large-scale event?

Large-scale events have 100 or more participants, can take place indoors or outdoors, and range from 1-day events to camps, festivals, parties and sleepovers. 

They're great if you're celebrating a special occasion, or you want to offer a wider programme and try activities that aren’t possible with smaller numbers.  

For volunteers, taking part in large-scale events can be immensely rewarding. It’s an opportunity to develop skills, work as a team and get to know other guiding members from your area. Plus, girls often tell us that these are the times in guiding that they remember best. 

Taking girls to large-scale events

This guidance is for volunteers who are planning to take girls and young women to large-scale events. It covers: 

  • Planning your visit. 
  • Advice for travelling to the event. 
  • Supervising girls. 
  • What to do in a crisis - for example, if there are travel delays. 
  • Top tips. 

Remember - if you’re taking girls to a residential large-scale event, you’ll need to complete a residential event notification form and send it to your commissioner for approval. 

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Guidance for volunteers who are planning to take girls to large-scale events.

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Running large-scale events

To organise your own large-scale event, you’ll need a large-scale event coordinator

Who can be a large-scale event coordinator? 

The event coordinator is appointed by a commissioner based on her skills, experience and knowledge of large-scale events. She must: 

  • Be an active Girlguiding member and volunteer. 
  • Discuss her plans with her commissioner and the appropriate adviser. 
  • Follow the large-scale events guidance appropriate to the event. 
  • Have experience of coordinating large-scale events, within guiding or in an outside role.

The event coordinator doesn't necessarily have to be a going away with licence holder. 

For leaders who wish to plan and deliver an event, the first step is to talk to your commissioner. She will put you in touch with the relevant adviser. 

Are there other roles I could take on? 

If you're new to events and want to gain experience, volunteering at a local event is a great way to start learning the ropes. You could run programme activities with girls, liaise with local media, or be part of an enthusiastic support crew on the day. Talk to your commissioner or adviser about getting involved. 

If you'd like to invite the chief guide - or a member of the royal family - to your event, you need to write to your chief commissioner at her country or region office well in advance. Invitations to overseas guide associations to attend events in the UK should only be issued by the international commissioner at Girlguiding HQ. 

Organising international events 

If you're considering running a large-scale event abroad, or an event in the UK that you're planning on inviting international participants to, you should first gain permission to go ahead from your international adviser and commissioner. 

  • Districts or divisions should gain approval from their county commissioner, who will liaise with the county international adviser. 
  • Counties should gain approval from the country or region international adviser. 

Your international adviser will let your country or region office know to discuss next steps or support needs. 

Guidance available 

We have developed guidance to support event coordinators, commissioners and advisers to plan and run large-scale events. It covers all the aspects of an event that need to be considered, useful forms and resources, plus helpful tips from those who have been there and done it. 

There is also specific guidance for commissioners supporting large-scale events. 

If you’re organising a large-scale event with another organisation, such as the Scouts, see our joint activities guidance. 

Download the guide

Guidance for running large-scale events.

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