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What is the insight and innovation pool?

The insight and innovation pool helps us make sure members are at the heart of what we do at Girlguiding, whether that means new project launches or everyday improvements.

By joining the pool you can take part in important research, be the first to try out new things, and help us better meet our members’ needs.    

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How much time will I need to give?

We know our members have a lot on, so we won’t ask for much of your time to take part. Although the time commitment varies from project to project, you may be asked to join a few one-off 1-hour sessions.

Most of our research sessions are virtual, so you’ll likely be able to join in from the comfort of your own home. We try to be as flexible as possible, and of course there’s no obligation to do anything that doesn’t work with your schedule. 

Once you’ve joined, you’ll be in the pool for 2 years. After that, there’s a ‘cooling-off’ period of 6 months after which you’ll be able to rejoin.

Also, once you’ve taken part in a research project, we won’t contact you again for a few months to make sure we’re not taking up too much of your time. 

Who can join the insight and innovation pool?

The insight and innovation pool is open to all volunteers, girls (over 14) and parents.  

We may recruit 1 group over another at times for specific projects, but we’re always looking to welcome new members into the pool. If you’re not sure – sign up below and see what opportunities may be of interest.  

What are the benefits of joining?

We know how important it is for members to help shape Girlguiding. By joining the pool, you can have your say on projects from the very start and help make sure members’ needs always come first.  

For Rangers and young leaders, taking part in the insight and innovation pool may also count towards your Queen’s Guide award (depending on the types of projects you get involved with!) 

What kind of projects could I be involved in?

  • Volunteers: take part in ongoing projects to reduce the admin burden on volunteers, help us adapt our programme or have your say in revising policies.  
  • Girls: help shape the campaigns we take part in, or the opportunities you’d like us to offer. Make your mark on anything from badges through to policy and everything in between.  
  • Parents: let us know what badges you’d like to see more of or help us design a new product for our online shop.

Other important things to know

We’ll only contact you if we think the opportunity is relevant to you and we'll only store your details for 2 years. 

For more information on how and why we use your personal data, including how long we keep it, your rights, and how you can contact us, check out our full privacy notice. 

If you’d like to withdraw your consent to take part at any time, please just email [email protected]. It may take up to 14 days to remove your details from the list.