Travel insurance

What to consider when you're getting travel insurance for a trip abroad with guiding

Your options for travel insurance cover when you're planning a trip overseas

When you are organising a trip abroad to do guiding activities, make sure that you have adequate insurance cover for volunteers and girls.

You can arrange travel insurance for your trip through your choice of reputable insurance company. Before you purchase a policy, check that it covers all activities that you have planned while you are away.

You can also choose to get covered by the travel insurance that we have arranged through our partner Unity Insurance Services.

This insurance is available for:

  • members and non-members
  • individual and group travel
  • annual travel cover.

If you are going on an organised trip, then insurance might be included in the package. It is your responsibility to make sure that this cover is in place.

What is covered by the Girlguiding and Unity policy?

The Girlguiding and Unity travel insurance policy includes cover for:

  • cancellation and curtailment
  • travel delay
  • missed departure
  • death and accident
  • medical and emergency expenses
  • personal property and equipment
  • loss of passport
  • personal public liability and legal expenses.

This cover extends to all guiding activities that are recognised in the UK. If you take part in an activity that is not recognised then you will invalidate this policy.

If you are participating in adventurous activities organised by other organisations, make sure that these activities are recognised in the UK too.

Restrictions on the Girlguiding and Unity policy

If you choose our travel insurance for a trip abroad to undertake volunteer or charity-type work, such as painting, decorating or gardening, the following restrictions apply to the activities.

  • They must fall under the jurisdiction of Girlguiding in the UK.
  • They must be suitable for the age group taking park.
  • There must be adequate supervision as required by our adult to child ratios.
  • All equipment must be safe and suitable for the task.
  • Girls may work in buildings on upper floors but no work must be carried out on ladders or scaffolding outside buildings of over three metres high.
  • All medical immunisations and advice must be taken prior to and during the trip.
  • All pre-existing conditions must be declared.

Under this cover, if your host organisation suggests any tasks which are not recognised Girlguiding activities, then you should not take part unless the host has insurance to cover the group. If you have any doubt about an activity then you should not take part.

Contact our Insurance team

For more information, please contact our Insurance team, either by telephone on 0845 260 1053 or by emailing [email protected].

Arrange travel insurance with Unity

To purchase a policy with Unity, or for more information about their travel insurance cover for Girlguiding, contact them directly by telephone on 0345 040 7704 or by email on [email protected]