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Page last updated: 4 February 2022

Deliver A Safe Space Levels 1-4.

Check which levels of A Safe Space someone needs to complete in their roles.

We reviewed all levels of A Safe Space in 2021 and saw we need to add more information about health and safety. We also recognised that later levels should build on what is covered in levels 1 and 2.

The most recent version of the content added includes:

  • More health and safety content across all levels
  • Clarity that A Safe Space is not just safeguarding training, but covers all aspects of safe practice
  • Three key themes that go through all four levels; My role, Safety and Safeguarding
  • A new toolkit format for levels 3 and 4, meaning you can design and deliver sessions based on who's taking part. There's an example training plan for both of these levels
  • New scenarios to use in your sessions

What do I need to do?

When designing and delivering your session, take into consideration who is taking part. Is everyone renewing their training, or do you have some people taking it for the first time? This will help you choose which activities to use. 

Share all the key messages in the session and also afterwards, so everyone has a record of this.

Gathering feedback

We'll be taking on board all feedback we get about these new resources, their content and the training delivery throughout the year and will review them an annual basis.

What this means is that if we find a similar concern or incident is being reported regularly, we can add this to the resources to make sure it's covered. Or if trainers need more information about an activity, we can add this as well as part of the annual review.

To share your feedback about the content please email [email protected]

Training resources

You can find all trainer resources, include webinar versions, on the learning platform. Check youre using the most up to date version as we regularly made updates and edits to slides and trainer materials