A Safe Space training resources

Help volunteers to create an environment where girls can be safe and have fun

Support volunteers to create a safe space for everyone

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our safeguarding training helps everyone to:

  • Understand their role in safeguarding and what to do
  • Recognise potential safeguarding issues
  • Understand our safety and safeguarding policies
  • Chat to others about what to do
  • Answer their questions

Who can deliver A Safe Space training?

Level 1 - all Girlguiding trainers who have up-to-date A Safe Space Levels 1-3 training, including those meeting the recognised prior learning requirements for Level 3. Trainers must also complete modules one to three of the e-learning.

Levels 2-4 - all Girlguiding trainers who have done the Trainer qualification module 4, A Safe Space. Trainers must also have up-to-date A Safe Space Levels 1-3 training, including those meeting the recognised prior learning requirements for Level 3, and have completed modules one to three of the e-learning.

Level 2 follow-up chat -  If you like you can include these follow-up chats before your Level 3 training sessions. Make sure you have enough time and have agreed this with the volunteers in advance. If your participents would like to do this, the training coordinator will let you know.

Level 4 resources will be available in Spring 2018.

Are you an external trainer or teacher? Check out our recognising prior learning process and assessment form to find out what levels of A Safe Space training you can deliver without the Girlguiding trainer qualification.

Two trainers can deliver training together to make sure the above requirements are met.

Delivering A Safe Space training

It's important that you keep to the aims, objective and sessions plans we have provided, but we have made it easy for you to vary your sessions and adapt them to your audience by giving you a selection of activities that you can choose from.

Training resources

Use these resources to deliver the revised A Safe Space Training

For all levels

A very limited number of A Safe Space trainer resource packs are available through trading for Levels 1, 2 and 3 for new A Safe Space trainers. These are available for free subject to delivery costs and must be ordered by country and region offices.

A Safe Space certificate - colour (PDF)
A Safe Space certificate - greyscale (PDF)
A Safe Space – How it works FAQS (PDF)
A Safe Space explained presentation (PowerPoint)
Training materials checklist (PDF)
A Safe Space trainers feedback form - for you to complete and return after a training session. Complete the form online, or download the form and email it to us.
A Safe Space participant feedback form for local use – can be used to collect feedback for your own use, you don't need to send this one to us (Word).

Additional training resources