Young members policy consultation

Have your say on our young members policy

11 October 2023

We’re consulting volunteers on our young members policy.

Complete the survey by 9pm, Wednesday 25 October.

What's the policy for?

The young members policy explains the benefits and expectations of being a young member. It also explains our expectations for parents and carers, and describes how they can best support their child and the volunteers at the unit.

What are we asking you about? 

We’d like to know how clear and easy the policy is to understand and whether you understand what we expect of you when it comes to this policy.

This policy doesn’t have a procedure yet. We’d like to know what you’d like to see included in the procedure, to help you put the policy into practice.

We’d be interested to know whether you’ve ever had to remove a young member because of their inappropriate behaviour, or their parent or carer’s inappropriate behaviour, and whether you’ve ever handled a parental or family dispute.

Finally, we’d like to know a bit about you – your country or region, your main role in Girlguiding, and which section you’re associated with.

Why are we looking at this now?

As part of our commitment to developing a rewarding volunteer experience we review all policies to see how they work in practice and if there are improvements that we can make in order to better support you in following these policies and deliver great guiding experiences. 

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your experiences with us. 

How can I participate?

The consultation is open to all volunteers in Girlguiding until 9pm on Wednesday 25 October 2023. You'll need to refer to the young members policy.