Recent updates to our policies and procedures

We recently updated our annual subscription and managing concerns about adult volunteers policies and procedures

06 October 2023

We recently made updates to some of our policies and procedures. These include our annual subscription policy and procedure and our managing concerns about adult volunteers policy and procedure

Find out what changes were made and why below.

Updates to our annual subscription policy and procedure

What's this policy and procedure used for?

Our annual subscription policy and procedure is for all volunteers involved in the subscriptions process. It explains what the annual subscription is and how to pay it.

Our review

We held a consultation in April this year to get your thoughts. We were delighted that over 350 of you responded!

Your feedback was mostly positive, but there was still room for improvement.

Key changes

  • We’ve updated the policy to fit our usual template.
  • We’ve removed the information about why we need the annual subscription, as this is covered elsewhere on the website.
  • We’ve emphasised the importance of making sure records are kept up to date, like unit records on GO, and that the correct process is followed when closing a unit.
  • We’ve added that it’s never OK to remove members and add them back later to avoid payment.
  • In the procedure, we’ve linked to the other pages and resources about the annual subscription.
  • We’ve included more guidance about making payments by card or cheque.
  • We’ve emphasised that leaders with young members moving between sections should have an agreement in place.
  • We’ve added a reminder that any level having difficulty making the subscription payment should speak to their local commissioner for advice.

What do I need to do?

If you have any questions about the annual subscriptions process, check the policy and procedure, as well as the annual subscription section of the website.

Updates to our managing concerns about adult volunteers policy and procedure

What's this policy and procedure used for?

Our managing concerns about adult volunteers policy is what our HQ complaints and compliance and HQ safeguarding teams use when there is a concern about a volunteer which can’t be resolved informally.

Our procedure explains the different types of actions and sanctions which may be used. We also have an appeals and review procedure, which explains the process for appealing the outcome of a case.

Our review of the policy and procedures

We held a consultation on this policy and its two procedures back in December. Thank you to the volunteers who shared their feedback. There were over 100 of you!

We’re sorry it’s taken us a while to revise the policy and procedures. We needed some time to make sure we got everything right.

Key changes

  • We’ve added a section to the policy on expectations for volunteers involved in managing a concern.
  • We’ve made it clearer that this policy and procedure will only be used after we’ve tried to resolve any issues informally.
  • We’ve clarified how and when sanctions are used.
  • We’ve made it clearer who can request an appeal, which sanctions can be appealed and when the appeals and review procedure doesn’t apply.
  • We’ve removed the PDF table of sanctions from the procedure. All the information you need is included in the main text.
  • We’ve added new flowcharts to both procedures to help improve understanding.

What do I need to do?

If you’re involved in managing concerns as part of your role, re-read the policy and procedures to check your understanding.

And if you have a concern about a volunteer, report it using the processes in the relevant policy and procedure.