Anti-bullying and harassment policy and procedure consultation

Have your say by 24 July

03 July 2024

We’re consulting volunteers on our anti-bullying and harassment policy and procedure.  

Complete the survey by 9pm, Wednesday 24 July.

What's this policy for?  

The anti-bullying and harassment policy sets outs our zero-tolerance approach to bullying and harassment. It explains:

  • What we mean by bullying and harassment.
  • How we expect our members, volunteers and staff to act and behave.
  • How we’ll manage breaches of this policy. 

What are we asking you about?  

We’d like to know how clear and easy to understand you find the policy and procedure. Also, if you understand what we expect of you.  

We’d be interested to know if you feel equipped to recognise an incident of bullying or harassment, and feel confident to report it. If there's anything we can add to the policy and procedure to make it easier to report an incident, we'd like to know that too. 

Why are we looking at this now? 

We review all policies to see how they work in practice and if there are improvements that we can make in order to better support you in following them and delivering great guiding experiences.   

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your experiences with us.