Become a leader in training mentor

What being a mentor for new leaders is all about

Our mentors support the Girlguiding leaders of the future through their Becoming a leader training. Mentors make sure leaders in training have everything they need to offer a great experience for girls and young women.

Beginning something new can be a little scary, which is why mentors are a vital Girlguiding role. Having a great mentor makes a huge difference and ensures leaders in training have all the support they need.

Why be a mentor?

There’s lots of great reasons to be a mentor:

  • It’s fantastic way to make an impact as a role model by empowering new leaders and inspiring the next generation.
  • It’s an opportunity to hear new perspectives and ideas from your mentee.
  • It gives you the chance to reflect on your own guiding practices.
  • It enables you to develop your own skills, like providing feedback, communication and working with people

What does a mentor do?

  • Hold an introductory meeting with your mentee to get the ball rolling.
  • Keep in touch with your mentee and help them to track their progress through their Becoming a leader training.
  • Visit your mentee in their meeting place three times over the course of their training to see their skills in action. You’ll then help them reflect on and learn from their experiences.

Full role description here. 

How will I be supported?

When you become a mentor you’ll be asked to attend a training session. This may be held locally or centrally, either in-person or via webinar. It’ll help you understand the role and who does what in the process of becoming a leader.

You’ll also have access to a mentor handbook, which you can use throughout your mentoring relationship.

And don’t worry, your commissioner and leader in training coordinator will be on hand to support you.

How much time will I need to give?

There is no specific time to give to being a mentor, but we do expect you to be committed to your mentee.

It usually takes less than a year for a leader in training to finish. Most mentors have one or two mentees at one time.

How do I get involved?

Have a chat with your local commissioner and ask her to put your name forward. Or you can contact the leader in training coordinator in your local area.

Resources and further information

If you're a mentor, you can find everything you need for your role on the learning platform

You’ll need to log in to the learning platform to access this. If you haven’t done this yet, you can find more information here.