Keep in touch with the guiding community

Spread the news and share what’s happening in your area. 

You’ll want to share news and keep people in your community updated about what’s happening in your area, whether you’re appearing at an event or starting fundraising. Your communications and PR advisers can help with this.

Online platforms, like a website and social media channels, can be useful for sharing updates as well as recruiting new members or showing parents what happens in local unit meetings. Before setting up any online presence, read our managing information policy

Keeping in touch with the guiding community 

You and your county team need to agree how you will stay in touch. Try and agree a way that will work for the whole team. Think about when people can and cannot be contacted. And share your system so everyone is aware of it. 

If you’re using group email or online file-sharing, make sure that your team has access and knows how these systems work.  

You must keep personal data safe and stored correctly, so check our managing information policy when planning how you will share information with your team.

You should share news from your team and from the county with all guiding members in your area. You might want to use a county newsletter, sent by email or in print, to keep everyone informed. 

When you start as commissioner, you can introduce yourself through the newsletter. This is a great chance to give positive opinions on guiding in the area and highlight important pieces of news. And the personal touch will make you more approachable to members. 

You can delegate the work of creating and sending a newsletter to someone in your county. Work with them to decide on how the newsletter will look, how often it will send and how to decide what to talk about.