Working with communications and PR advisers and local media

Promote guiding in your area

Local communication and PR advisers can help you promote guiding and work with media in your area.

What do communications and PR advisers do?

  • Share key messages to convey when speaking or writing about guiding.
  • Finding a local young spokesperson and briefing them to speak to the media.
  • Designing a promotional t-shirt or badge.
  • Planning events.
  • Contacting local media about what your unit has been up to.
  • Creating template press releases.
  • Managing communications in a crisis situation.

Contact your communications and PR adviser

You can get in touch with your local communications and PR adviser directly. Or if you're unsure who provides communications and PR support in your area, ask your local commissioner.

If you need help specifically with branding, read our brand information or email the brand inbox with any questions.

Working with the media

Working with the media can be a great way to raise awareness about your unit, celebrate achievements and provide girls with a platform to speak out about the issues they care about.

Whatever you want to promote through the media, your local communications and PR advisers are there to help. Start by contacting them.

When a journalist calls

  • Take your time. It's easy to feel pressured when a journalist puts you on the spot, but remember you never have an obligation to speak with the media, it's always your choice. No matter how urgent the issue seems, or how rushed the journalist may be, give yourself time to think it through.
  • Take notes. Ask for a journalist's name, the publication, phone number and email address. Ask for a clear outline of the story they would like to cover, exactly what they would like from you - maybe a comment, information, photos or a visit to your unit - and what deadline they're working to.
  • Is it a crisis? If you believe the journalist's story could in any way harm the reputation of Girlguiding, your individual unit, a volunteer or member, we consider it a 'media crisis'. In a crisis you must contact the Girlguiding press office immediately. Our team is available 24 hours to give you support. Call 020 7592 1891, or 0207 592 1733 out of work hours. Or email [email protected].
  • Contact your local communications and PR adviser. For every story, positive and negative, it's important that your local communications and PR adviser knows about it. They can help you decide the best course of action, talk through your response and help you maximize the impact of a media opportunity.
  • Put girls first. Girls and young women are the voice Girlguiding. Whenever possible, they represent us as spokespeople and share their thoughts and experiences. Your communications and PR adviser can help you to do this and ensure you follow the right consent procedures.