Ranger sport adventure badge with graphics of girls playing basketball and axe throwing
Rangers written in light purple on dark purple background

Adventure badges


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Go on a sporty adventure

The Rangers sport adventure badge is a great way for you to reward yourself for taking yourself out of your comfort zone and completing a sport adventure activity, such as cricket or tennis.

To achieve this badge, you need to take part in a sport activity that involves some equipment, a game and some rules.

Check out the adventure for girls finder that lists some of activities you could do.

Adventure is all about challenging yourself. Ask yourself these questions to work out if you’ve had a sport adventure:

  1. Did the activity or challenge take you outside of your comfort zone or routine?
  2. Was the activity or challenge new for you?
  3. Did you go somewhere new?
  4. Did you discover something new about yourself?

If the answer is yes to at least 3 of these questions, then you’ve achieved this badge!