Rainbow sport adventure badge with graphics of girls fencing and doing soft archery
Rainbows written in red font on light blue background

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Rainbow sport adventure badge

The Rainbows sport adventure badge is a colourful way for Rainbows to celebrate trying a sport adventure activity such as crazy golf or soft archery.

To achieve this badge, they need to take part in a sport activity that involves some equipment, a game and some rules. Check out the adventure for girls finder that lists some of activities you could do.

Adventure is all about challenging girls. Ask them these questions to work out if they’ve had a sport adventure:

  1. Did the activity or challenge take them outside of their comfort zone or routine?
  2. Was the activity or challenge new for them?
  3. Did they go somewhere new?
  4. Did they discover something new about themselves?

If the answer is yes to at least 3 of these questions, then they’ve achieved this badge!