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Reflect stage 3

Know Myself

Know myself

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What makes you who you are?

Explore your own community, culture, beliefs and values - and deepen your understanding of others’ too. Stage 3 is recommended for Brownies and Guides.

Here's a taste of the activities you can look forward to trying at this stage. Ask your leader about all the things you'll need to do to earn this badge.

DNA-mazing! - How does your genetic make-up help to make you unique? Dive into the fascinating world of genetics, and transform your meeting place into a scientific research lab.

Magical, mythical me - Are you a brave lion, intelligent owl, playful panda or a mixture of all three? Reimagine yourself as a mythical creature with magical powers to match.

Question quest - Questions are an essential part of learning about and understanding ourselves, other people and the world around us. And different questions reveal different answers. Explore which are most useful, and why…

Voicing our values - Music’s a great way to celebrate and express the things we care about most. Make up a song celebrating your unit’s values. You never know, you may even start a new tradition! Take a look at this activity for a sneak peek at our Reflect skills builder.

What do we share? - How well do you know the people in your guiding community? Discover new things about your friends and explore what you have in common, as well as what makes each of you unique.

Completing your skills builders

There are 12 skills builders to work towards with your unit. Each skills builder has 6 stages to complete during your time at Girlguiding, from Rainbows to Rangers. You’ll get a badge for every stage you complete. To complete stages 1-5, your unit will do 4 out 5 fun activities.

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