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Know Myself

Know myself

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How to motivate a team – and yourself!

The network skills builder is all about team work and how to work well with others to get things done. Stage 5 is recommended for Guides and Rangers.

Here's a taste of the activities you can look forward to trying at this stage. Ask your leader about all the things you'll need to do to earn this badge.

You can do this! - Jump out of your comfort zone and try your hand at something new. Who knows – it might turn out to be something you love doing.

Negotiate the bake - Imagine you’re in charge of a bakery business. Compromise, negotiate and decide with your group where to send which ingredients to keep your baking booming!

First impressions - Think about what a good relationship means to you. Can you work out what makes relationships healthy or unhealthy?

Dream big - What would be your dream job? Explore your aspirations for the future and compare them to your childhood dreams.

What's your type? - Confident? Creative? Kind? Cautious? Everyone has a different personality, but how much do you understand yours? Test it out and see what you find.

Completing your skills builders

There are 12 skills builders to work towards with your unit. Each skills builder has 6 stages to complete during your time at Girlguiding, from Rainbows to Rangers. You’ll get a badge for every stage you complete. To complete stages 1-5, your unit will do 4 out 5 fun activities.

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Ask your leader about the activities you need to do to complete this stage, and record your progress in your badge book.

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