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Shake, rattle and stir

Get your creative juices flowing - literally - by designing a mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) your taste buds can't resist…

Want to get a taste of our badges? All the challenges for this badge are explained below so you can experience how exciting the programme is for yourself. 

1. Run your own taste test

Are you ready to spice up your drinks? Explore different juices, fruits, herbs and spices to create combinations you’ve never tried before. Use up to 8 ingredients you already have at home to make a new drink.

You could add cinnamon to a vanilla milkshake, sliced fruit into water or blend up bananas with your orange juice…the possibilities are endless and depend on how brave you feel!

2. Design a mocktail menu

You’re throwing the party of the year and need to make an impressive mocktail menu for your guests.

The menu needs to have a variety of drinks - they could even be themed. For example, you could make tropical-tasting drinks, or drinks that are a specific colour or have layers. They could be from a particular country, or based on a specific fruit or vegetable. It’s up to you!

Remember to include healthy options and to write down what ingredients you’ve used for each drink.

3. Hold a mocktail review party

Now, put on your very own mocktail party and show off your menu to your friends, family or unit.

Plan and organise the event yourself. Think about ways you can gather feedback about your drinks from your guests. Create a way to review the drinks on your menu and a way to present the results. Make it easy to judge your mocktails - for example, reviewers could give marks out of ten on appearance, taste, variety of ingredients and so on.