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Lead stage 6

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Take the lead, give direction and inspire others

Develop your confidence and core leadership skills with the lead skills builder. Stage 6 is recommended for Rangers.

Here's a taste of the activities you can look forward to trying at this stage. Ask your leader about all the things you'll need to do to earn this badge.

Stand out from the crowd - Presenting yourself in a way that shows your interests, strengths and skills is important both online and offline. Mix it up and challenge yourself to put your own brand out there and see what you can achieve.

Plan it - Everybody works and learns in different ways. But how can a leader run workshops to support these different styles? Put your own session plan together ready to lead your own workshop.

Fake it 'til you make it - Getting in front of a group can sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Think of a fun way to lead a group and facilitate your way through a fun game.

Track your feedback - What’s the point of working hard if you don’t even know how well you’re doing? Find out how to use data to track your progress and make your work even better.

Show time! - You’ve planned your activity, the date’s set and you’re ready to go. Put your activity plan into action and test your facilitation skills in a real-life situation.

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Ask your leader about the activities you need to do to complete this stage, and record your progress in your badge book.

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