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Innovate stage 3

Express myself

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Think differently

Unlock your creative side with ideas, experiments and problem solving. Stage 3 is recommended for Brownies and Guides.

Here's a taste of the activities you can look forward to trying at this stage. Ask your leader about all the things you'll need to do to earn this badge.

It's on the cards - Are you a super sorter? Race to find out! Then use your imagination to make your own fun card game. 

Speedy explorers - Speed is of the essence in this zip wire challenge. Try out different materials and techniques to create a rapid route to the finish.

Bounce, roll, throw - Which materials and shapes will lead you to victory? Tackle some sporty challenges as you discover how different balls behave and figure out which are right for the job.

A work of art- Unleash your inner artist and create artworks which tell a story. Experiment with painting, drawing, sculpting and building to find out which techniques you like best. 

Build it up - Reach for the sky as you get the engineering know-how to build a skyscraper. Will you make engineering history? Or be left in the shadows…?  

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