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Communicate stage 4

Express myself

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Whether you’re using words, body language or emojis - get your message across.

The communicate skills builder will help you really express yourself, whether you prefer to talk, sign or text. Stage 4 is recommended for Guides.

Here's a taste of the activities you can look forward to trying at this stage. Ask your leader about all the things you'll need to do to earn this badge.

Actions speak louder than words - Bodies speak a language all of their own. Find out how to read it, so you can know what someone’s thinking even when they’re not speaking.

Bad chatter's tea party - Ears at the ready for this tea party with a twist… Discover what makes a first-class listener and see if you can keep the conversation flowing at the same rate as the tea!

Being deaf-friendly - Ever wanted to learn some sign language? Or find out more about lip-reading? Now’s your chance! Get to grips with some key words and become more confident at speaking with people who are deaf.

It's the way you say it - Do you need to be super serious, fabulously funny or kid-friendly? See what you sound like when you style your speech and adapt it to any audience that comes your way.

Signs of the times - Can your eyes lead you to victory? As you race against the clock, find and decode signs and symbols in this visual investigation.

Completing your skills builders

There are 12 skills builders to work towards with your unit. Each skills builder has 6 stages to complete during your time at Girlguiding, from Rainbows to Rangers. You’ll get a badge for every stage you complete. To complete stages 1-5, your unit will do 4 out 5 fun activities.

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Ask your leader about the activities you need to do to complete this stage, and record your progress in your badge book.

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Sign of the times

Sign of the times

Activities for this stage were developed with help from the National Deaf Children's Society.