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Communicate stage 3

Express myself

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Whether you’re using words, body language or emojis - get your message across.

The communicate skills builder will help you really express yourself, whether you prefer to talk, sign or text. Stage 3 is recommended for Brownies and Guides.

Here's a taste of the activities you can look forward to trying at this stage. Ask your leader about all the things you'll need to do to earn this badge.

Beat the butterflies! - Before you take to the stage it’s important to get rid of any pre-performance nerves or worries… Try out some activities to help you become more confident speaking in front of a group.

Charlie, bravo, alphabet - Bad signal? Background noise? No problem! Get your message across clearly using the phonetic alphabet.

Exploring emojis - Emojis can be a great way to express a thought when you can’t think of the words. But are emojis always a good way to communicate? Time to find out!

Sign it spell it - Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Now’s your chance! Practise the basics of British Sign Language (BSL) so you can introduce yourself to others and more.

Top comms - We communicate in lots of ways, but what makes each one different? Is one type better than the rest? Create your own trump card game to find out!

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Sign of the times

Sign of the times

Activities for this stage were developed with help from the National Deaf Children's Society.