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Brownies top awards

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Celebrate your achievements with our top awards.

Brownie bronze award

To earn your Brownie bronze award, you need to complete 2 theme awards.

Brownie silver award

To earn your Brownie silver award, you need to complete 4 theme awards.

Brownie gold award

This is a really special achievement and gives you the opportunity to put everything you’ve learned into practice and do something for your Brownie friends before you move on to new adventures.

To earn your Brownie gold award you need to earn all 6 theme awards and then do the final challenge. You can find out what to do for the final challenge in your badge book.

Book inserts

These extra pages have all the info you need about the Bronze and Silver awards, if they’re not already in your Guides badge book or handbook. Download them and insert them into your badge book or handbook.

Keeping track

Keep track as you progress toward these awards in your badge book!

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