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Burst static stories into life

Animation creates the illusion of movement and change. With so many different techniques you’ll be sure to find one that gets you animated.

Getting a Rangers interest badge

There are 18 interest badges for you to earn at Rangers, and 3 fun challenges to do for each badge.

You can do these badges at any time, anywhere and in any way you’d like. You can do them on your own or with units, during unit meetings, at home or even on holiday.

How to complete this badge

1. Create your own character

First step, create your own character, and a biography for them.

Your character should represent you in some way - you should have some kind of shared view or trait. Be inventive! Think of your character’s backstory, what they look like and what personality they have.

Present your character in the way that best suits you… and them!

2. Storyboard it

Using the character you’ve developed, create a storyboard to map out a story that your character plays a central role in.

The story will need to be short – but the storyboard should be detailed. What will each scene look like? Are there any other characters? What is the dialogue (if any)?

If you need inspiration think about your favourite short stories, or you could even find ideas in jokes, nursery rhymes, songs or poems.

3. Get animated

Your characters are ready. Your story’s good to go. Now it’s time to create your animation!

You can use any animation technique you like, including a flip book, computer animation or a stop-motion animation using clay models, puppets or photos.

Different types of animation take different lengths of time, so you may need to adapt your animation style to suit the length of your story, as well as your own skills and interests.

Once you’ve created an animation you’re proud of, share it with others, telling them about the techniques you used to make it.