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Flying discs

Whether you’re indoors, at the beach or in the park, ultimate is a fast-paced fun game for all.


Ultimate is played on a rectangular field with end zones for each team. To score you must catch the flat ball in the other teams end zone. The disc goes to the other team if it isn’t caught, goes out of bounds, or is intercepted.

Ten simple rules

  1. Set up a pitch: rectangular field with scoring areas, called endzones, the width of the field at each end.
  2. Start play: both teams line up along the front of their endzone. The defending team starts with the disc and throws to the attacking team. This happens at the start of every point.
  3. Scoring: When the team with the disc and completes a pass into the other teams endzone. The disc can be thrown in any direction by passing to a teammate.
  4. Moving the disc: You can’t run with the disc, but you can throw in any direction to your teammate.
  5. Change of possession: when a pass is dropped, lands out of bounds, or is intercepted by the defending team, the defending team then take possession and become the attacking team.
  6. Subs: you can substitute at any time by giving a team mate a high 5 when you come off the pitch.
  7. Non-contact: this is a non-contact game. A foul occurs if contact is made.
  8. Fouls: when a foul disrupts possession play resumes as if it was kept.
  9. Self-referring: players make their own calls for fouls, out of bounds and possession, for disputes it should be resolved in line with the spirit of the game.
  10. Spirit of the game: players are responsible for fair play and fairmindedness. Competitive play is encouraged but never at the expense of respect for all players and teams, safety, adherence to the rules and joy of playing.

Approved: 11 April 2023
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Planning checklist

No formal qualifications needed

Ensure girls are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear for the activity.

The ratios below are given as a maximum and ratios must be considered as part of the risk assessment.

Leadership team ratio

As this activity will take place outside of your usual meeting place the leadership team adult: girl ratio is mandatory.

  • Rainbows 1:5 (minimum of 2 adults)
  • Brownies 1:8
  • Guides 1:12
  • Rangers: N/A