Confirming your place on Go for GOLD 2022

Confirming your place on Go for GOLD 2022

Congratulations! You've been selected to come on Go for GOLD 2022.  As a reminder, the event is taking place 30 September  - 2 October 2022 at Woodhouse Park, near Bristol.

To accept your place, you need to do the following by Friday 22 July:

  • Complete the online information form below by Friday 22 July
  • Email [email protected] letting us know you want to attend (as a formal acceptance)
  • Book your travel and give details on the travel form

By Monday 22 August you need to:

  • Ask a local commissioner to give you a reference through our online reference form (if you said on your application that you would seek a reference yourself)

You need to have completed all four of these steps to confirm your place on Go for GOLD. If you haven't, your place will be given to someone on the waiting list. If you have any questions about completing the four actions, email us at [email protected]

Complete the online information form 

Your answers to these questions won’t affect your place on Go for GOLD. We just want to learn a bit more about you, be aware of any support needs and make sure we’re clear on what you’re happy for us to do with your data.

We'll send your name and membership number to your country and region to let them know that you have applied. After Go for GOLD, we'll delete the rest of your data if you've not got a place on a GOLD project.

About you


Are you happy for your contact details to be shared with the other Go for GOLD participants so travel arrangements can be coordinated?
Are you happy for your contact details to be shared with other GOLD participants after Go for GOLD if you are offered a place on a GOLD project?
Are you happy for your name and membership number to be shared with your country/regional commissioner and international adviser? We would do this to let them know if you got a place on GOLD, so they could support you.

Your experience and languages

Are you (or have you ever been) a peer educator?
Are you a Girlguiding trainer or prospective trainer?
Do you speak any languages other than English?

Your needs

Do you have any dietary requirements? (allergies, intolerances etc.)
Go for GOLD is an outdoor event, including overnight camping for two nights. Indoor accommodation is available for those who need it for access or health purposes. Do you require indoor accommodation?

Covid-19 risk assessments

We want the event to be as Covid-secure as possible, so please fill out the section below.

This information will not be used to select you for the event, but is needed for our risk assessment. Your information will be treated with confidence and is not part of the selection criteria.

We will be following government guidance for this and all face-to-face events.