Wellies and Wristbands

Wellies and Wristbands is Girlguiding's flagship festival for Guides and Rangers

When live music, dancing and high-adrenaline activities collide

Wellies and Wristbands, our annual exclusive event for Guides and Rangers, gives our girls and volunteers the full festival experience.

That means live bands, a pamper zone, hot tubs, a leaders’ lounge, cinema screenings, huge inflatables, zip-lining and much, much more. 

We're so excited for Wellies and Wristbands 2022!

When: 26-29 August 2022

Where: Foxlease, Hampshire and Waddow Hall, Lancashire

Ticket price: £139, early bird price £125 (for tickets booked before the end of February 2022)

Book now!

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What happens at Wellies and Wristbands?

Just like our very own Glastonbury, Wellies and Wristbands doesn’t just have a great line-up – it also offers girls an array of festival activities to get stuck into. Girls will be able to:

  • Catch live acts on our main stage
  • Duck and dive on inflatable slides and obstacle courses
  • Hang out with friends in one of our hot tubs
  • Try their hand at climbing, abseiling and other adventurous activities
  • Challenge their unit to a game of mini 5-aside football or netball
  • Take to the stage to compete in a talent competition
  • Settle down to watch a film in our pop-up cinema
  • Test their balance on a crate-stacking challenge
  • Relax and unwind with braiding and nail art in the pamper zone.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for band announcements in the build up to the weekend.

How much is it?

Tickets cost £139. This includes:

  • Campsite fees
  • Full catering from Friday night until Monday lunchtime
  • Transport from a local station
  • Activities
  • Live acts
  • Wristbands (bring your own wellies!)
  • … and much more!

What’s happening this year?

Rather than miss out on the Wellies and Wristbands experience for a second year, we’re giving leaders and girls the chance to buy one of our special ‘At home for 2021’ activity packs. 

The activity pack will contain fun, themed activities that we’d normally be enjoying at Wellies and Wristbands, including adventure, pamper, craft, science, problem solving and more. These activities have all been adapted so that they can be completed during a unit meeting, over several unit meetings (in person or virtually), or simply enjoyed independently at home.

We’re also adding a sleepover element to the pack for those who want to keep the fun going. We know that this is likely to be a virtual sleepover but anyone that has camped out in a tent in their garden, or slept on the floor in their lounge, knows that these can be almost as much fun!

The pack will also include a link to some new festival-themed activity videos, which will be exclusive to those who have purchased the pack for a couple of months before being made public.

Plus, each pack comes with a Wellies and Wristbands ‘At home for 2021’ badge.

How do I get an ‘At home for 2021’ activity pack?

Cost: Each pack costs £5 which includes the pack, one badge and free postage for the badge.

Badges: Additional badges can be bought for £1 each.

Postage will be charged as follows: up to 10 badges - £1, 10-30 badges - £2, over 30 badges - £3.

Do I have to buy a pack to get a badge? No! You don’t need to earn this badge so you can just order as many badges as you wish.

When will I receive my activity pack and badges? The packs will be emailed to you between 16 and 23 August. The final deadline for ordering badges is Monday 30 August and the badges will then follow six weeks later.

Order your activity pack or badge by emailing [email protected]. Please include your contact details and information about the number of packs and badges you’d like to buy.




Kathryn: We're on the way to Wellies and Wristbands 2018!

Jess: We just did our hair and glitter and are on the way to the music!

Both: Woo!

Kathryn: We're freezing. It's the end of day 1.

Jess: We've had a really good time and we're looking forward to the weekend.

Jess: Today we've got low ropes and canoeing. Also we're gonna begin pegging people.

Jess: I'm going to the inflatables while Kathryn goes kayaking.

Kathryn: I put purple hair dye in my hair

Jess: And I patted a hair and turned my hands purple. And then Kathryn is about to get her chief guide award.

Jess: So Kathryn just got her chief guide award! Woohoo!

Jess: We've got to be quiet because our leaders told us to go to bed but we're gonna have a mini feast.

Kathryn: You videoing?

Jess: So this morning I tided the tent but not Kathryn's stuff. She's too messy.

Kathryn: And I went to some new programme training for leaders.

Jess: And then I went and watched the talent show. And we all got drenched. And then we just got hennas.

Jess: We've spent the last few hours in this dry spot. Our hennas have...

Kathryn: Mine's not really a henna anymore.

Jess: Yeah, hennas have dried. We're about to go on the zip wire.

Kathryn: In the rain.

Jess: Our activity today was forest zip and it was amazing.

Jess: We just got back from the music and Channy was amazing. Yeah, it was a power cut and everyone began singing and it was really cute.

Jess: So, put our tents down. We're currently carrying our stuff to the bus.

Jess: It's Edison Jess here. Me and Kathryn both forgot to film on the bus but everyone got home safely and overall we really enjoyed the week. And we hope you enjoyed the video!

You don't need to have a Going Away With licence, but you can work towards yours at the event.

Loads for leaders to enjoy

Wellies and Wristbands is really well organised. You don’t have to worry about the food and, once you have got your tent up, the rest of it is taken care of.  It is quite an easy way to take your girls camping where they are completely entertained. You don’t have to organise a massive guide camp with loads of activities - it’s all done for you. - Becky, 14th Wallasey Guides 

Planning to bring your girls? You’ll be able to join them on many of the more challenging activities – and there’ll be a special leaders’ lounge with free tea and coffee, badge-swapping and crafts. Plus, we're offering various training opportunities at Wellies too, including 1st Response, giving you a chance to develop your skills and knowledge. 

And the best bit? You won’t need a Going Away With licence for this event. Check out our information for leaders for details of travel, food, facilities and administration requirements.