The Girlguiding and BBC Children in Need fundraising appeal is back!

Take part in our all girls can do anything fundraising challenge

Girls can do anything, and at Girlguiding we help them know that. This year, with BBC Children in Need, we want to inspire everyone to push themselves and take on a fundraising challenge or activity they’ve never done before.

You can do this on your own, or with friends and family.

Challenge yourself to try something adventurous and see what good can come of it. 'Can do' is a state of mind and it doesn’t matter what the activity is, as long as it’s a challenge for you and shows that girls can do anything!

Join us from 30 October to 12 November this year for our all girls can do anything fundraising event. Over a 2 week period we'll encourage all units to take part.

All money raised will be split 50/50 between BBC Children in Need and Girlguiding, with 25% of the total amount fundraised by Girlguiding in each region being directly gifted back to support local guiding in that area. This money can be used to support activities that will allow girls to continue having fun and new experiences.

Our new exclusive badge is now available

Buy our SPOTacular badge, whether you’re doing a girls can do anything fundraising challenge, or just want to donate.

Our new exclusive badge is now available

Buy our SPOTacular badge, whether you’re doing a girls can do anything fundraising challenge, or just want to donate.

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How your support makes a huge difference

By taking part in our all girls can do anything challenge, your SPOTacular fundraising will make a difference to the lives of children and young people near you.

BBC Children in Need commissioned a survey of parents and children that found that almost half of parents surveyed (49%) don’t feel there is sufficient support available for children who are struggling with their mental health.

Did you know Girlguiding helps girls to feel more confident? Nearly 9 in 10 of Girlguiding girls say they like being the way they are. Yet only 6 in 10 girls who have never been in Girlguiding felt the same.

Empowered by their confidence, girls are equipped with the belief that they can do anything at Girlguiding. Your fundraising could help a new unit open and let more girls experience the adventures, fun and friendship that we have to offer.

A £5 donation to Girlguiding and BBC Children in Need could help give access to vital grants and help units recover and thrive across the country. It could make a positive difference to help all girls have fun, grow in confidence and make new friends in a safe space.

It doesn’t matter how much you raise or can give at this time, it will all help to support girls who are looking to try new things and find fun and friendship.

Here’s some activity ideas to get started:

  • Girls can reach anything – walk, run, climb or skip challenge.
  • Girls can lead anything – organise a community clear up in your area.
  • Girls can wear anything – group dress up day.
  • Girls can make anything – create, cook or bake something.
  • Girls can build anything – build or craft something.
  • Girls can perform anything – singalong or dance challenge.

Fundraising pack

This year we’ve put together a new toolkit and assets to support volunteers, families, and friends to take on fundraising activities!

Our fundraising toolkit includes an overview about the appeal, a fun quiz to help you figure out which fundraising activity to take part in and some supportive materials to help you fundraise, including a poster and social media assets.

You can download our fundraising pack or order a pack to be posted to you from the Girlguiding shop.

How to donate

We're excited to let you know that we’ve set up a JustGiving donation page for each region to make sure that 25% of the Girlguiding donations raised in each region are directly gifted back to support local guiding. Where possible, please raise donations through the JustGiving page for your region below:

If you want to encourage some friendly competition with units in your area, or with friends and family, you can set up a team within the JustGiving page for your region.

Set up a team in JustGiving

Find out how to set up a team below.

Find out more

Don’t worry if it’s not possible to donate online, you can fill in and post our paying-in form which is available in our fundraising pack.

We’d love to see how you’re taking part

We want to tell the world and inspire others with your achievements! 

Show us what girls are really made of by tagging us on social media or sending a 30-second video of your challenge or activity to [email protected].

You can also email [email protected] if you need any help fundraising this year.

Thank you for fundraising Girlguiding and BBC Children in Need. You’re spot on!