Learn new tennis skills with your unit!

Activities and training in partnership with LTA Youth

You and your unit can get active with our set of unit meeting activities, created with LTA Youth.

These easy, pick-up-and-go activities are designed to help build girls’ confidence in taking part in tennis and sports. There’s one for every section, and they’re all free to download. 

The activities

About LTA Youth and more training opportunities for volunteers

LTA Youth is an exciting programme which aims to get more girls trying and enjoying tennis by training up volunteers like you!

All Girlguiding leaders can access a free online training course through our partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association. It’s one hour-long and you can complete it anywhere, anytime. The course is centred on creating a fun environment, developing basic skills, and simple activities that will get girls working together. It’s about fun and confidence building, supporting girls to develop useful co-ordination and movement skills which they can apply to almost every sport!

When you complete the course, you’ll get access to all the resources. You’ll also be able to apply for an equipment pack to start delivering fun and engaging tennis sessions to your girls.

Get involved by visiting LTA Youth Go!