Generation Green

Explore the outdoors and connect with nature with the Generation Green project

Girlguiding are proud to be a part of the Generation Green project, connecting young people to nature.

This year we’ll be providing more learning and outdoor opportunities for volunteers to enjoy. And we'll be hosting fun nature-themed events, camping and outdoor learning experiences for children and their families at our national activity centres and local campsites in the Midlands, North East and North West regions. 

We'll be focussing on these areas as a requirement of the funding we've received.

What's happening at our activity centres?

Looking to escape to the great outdoors and try a night under the stars? Why not get closer to nature and enjoy camping for the whole family, amongst beautiful rolling countryside at a Girlguiding Activity Centre.

Our five national centres offer a range of experiences, from back to basics camping to fully-equipped – you can even stay in our ready-pitched tented village and just turn up with your overnight kit and sleeping bag! 

You'll find a shop for essentials and snacks, on-site catering, BBQ facilities, marquee hire and loads of activities.

Find out more and book camping for the whole family today.

We’ve also got some exciting events exclusively for our members coming up. Learn more about supporting girls to care for and explore nature. Check out the dates and details here

Night under the stars

As part of this project, we want all young people to get outside as much as possible and get closer to nature.

Whether that’s simply camping, going for a walk in your local park, or going on a trip away from home with friends and family, we have some great ideas for activities you could try: 

  • Set up camp, this could be a tent, den or a blanket fort – anything you like.
  • If you have space, safely make a campfire (with adult supervision!) and toast some marshmallows, tell campfire stories and sing songs. Keep singing until everyone can hear how much fun you’re having! 
    If you're having a campfire, remember to stay safe:
    • Never leave a fire unattended and wait until it is fully extinguished.
    • Always have a bucket of water, sand or earth nearby to put the fire out.
    • Never light a fire on peat, under a tree or near shrubs and bushes.
    • Tie back long hair, and make sure clothes and jewellery are tucked in.
    • Be aware of how the direction of the wind could blow your fire.
  • Be inspired by all the amazing artistic things you could create in and with nature. Make sculptures using mud, draw pictures in the sand or collect up natural materials to make an amazing picture or display. Ask an adult to share your masterpieces on social media using #GenerationGreen for all to see!
  • Challenge yourself to discover what you can see at night time - it’s time to look up and appreciate our night sky! Have you ever stargazed? Have you looked up at the sky and seen the stars, or maybe even daydreamed whilst looking at them? You can do this from outside your front door, out and about, or whilst spending a night out under the stars camping. You might see different things in the sky depending on where you live, and what the weather is that day. Why do you think this is? Check out our Adventures at home stargazing challenge for some inspiration - Rainbows (age 4-7), Brownies (age 7-10), Guides (age 10-14), Rangers (age 14-18).
  • As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing! Check out fun activities to do whatever the weather
  • If you’re spending a night out under the stars, why not try these 12 awesome after-dark activities

Celebrate all the times you’ve spent discovering and exploring nature, whether it’s locally or at one of our Activity Centres with our Night under the Stars badge, available from our online shop.

Develop new outdoor skills

We'll also be offering exciting opportunities for volunteers and adults to build their skills in the outdoors. 

Our day and weekend learning programmes will give our volunteers the confidence to offer more residential, camping and outdoor opportunities to our young members. They'll be able to learn new skills and learn how to run and support specific activities.

We're going to be sharing a range of videos and supporting materials for all members, that will cover a range of topics and get you ready to support outdoor activities.

Alongside this we will also be offering more ways to earn our Walking scheme qualifications. With more opportunities to train, and financial support to help you take part.

All walking courses will be promoted on our website, social channels and by the relevant countries and regions.

Looking for camping essentials for your exciting family adventure? We have it covered

We’re proud to be partnered with GO Outdoors, our recommended outdoor retailer. All Girlguiding members, including parents, receive a discount at GO Outdoors stores and online, (and at Blacks and Millets too!) using our member benefit code or uniform. For more information, including terms and conditions visit our GO Outdoors partnership page.

About Generation Green

Generation Green is the first project to be delivered by the Access Unlimited coalition. The coalition comprises YHA (England & Wales) – who are hosting the project on behalf of the partners - The Outward Bound Trust, Scouts, Girlguiding, Field Studies Council and the 10 English National Parks.

Generation Green capitalises on the combined reach of the coalition partners of more than two million young people. It’s a 16-month funded project that aims to connect young people to nature, create and save jobs, and build an aspirant workforce for a green recovery.

Through new jobs, training, volunteering roles, residentials and outdoor and online learning experiences, the project will provide more than 100,000 opportunities to connect young people to nature – many for the first time - and to cultivate a sense of care for the natural environment

This project is funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund. The fund is being delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund in partnership with Natural England and the Environment Agency.