It's the small things that make a big difference

Just by being you, and being there, you can inspire girls

12 October 2018

We know not everyone can spare an hour a week to be a Brownie leader or to help run a group of Rainbows.

But you don’t always need to commit that much time to get involved and make a huge difference.

You can inspire girls, see them grow and teach them new skills with our flexible volunteering roles that fit around your busy life.

Everyone has something to offer. Whether you can help out occasionally on a parent rota, have a special skill you can share, or want to use your passion for spreadsheets or social media to support a local group. Check out the video of our members sharing how they make guiding work for them.

Mum 1: Volunteering is as flexible as you need it to be. You can give as much or aslittle as you want.

Mum 2: Girlguiding is really flexible because, honestly, whenever I do things now my 4-year-old comes with me.

Mum 3: It's not something I feel where I have to be there every single week. It doesn't make me feel awkward. If I can't help out I don't, if I can I'll try and help out.

Mum 4: Whatever you can give will always be absorbed and appreciated.

Dad 1: It's nothing to be scared of being a man and helping.

Mum 5: I'm playing a different role than 'mum' and I think it's actually quite nice for them to be able to see me as a leader.

Mum 6: You can not be in the same group as your daughter by volunteering with the different sections.

Mum 1: I didn't want her in my unit, I consciously chose to put her in a different unit. I thought she'd get a bette experience of guiding going elsewhere.

Mum 7: In my job I'm an accountant and I help audit other guide unit accounts.

Dad 2: I've took on additional roles for social media and admin duties. I can do them roles as and when I am able to.

Mum 8: Everyone has something to offer. My background is I'm a scientist. There was a opportunity for the girls to
earn their Eureka badge and that was a lot of fun.

Mum 3: Girlguiding is for girls all over the world. It's for every girl, everywhere.

Mum 7: There is a lot of training and you can use the skills elsewhere.

Mum 8: I was asked by my leader, do I want to go and do the qualification to become a leader and I thought, well I'm here now so I might as well take that opportunity.

Mum 1: My main thing and the main reason I do it is because I enjoy it.

Mum 6: One of the biggest benefits is seeing the girls go through and seeing them achieve all these things they were absolutely sure they couldn't do.

Mum 4: Guiding is so important, you have to make that time for the girls. Without the volunteers girls can't benefit.

[Voiceover: You can make a difference.]

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