10 big activities for small spaces

Ideas for when your space is limited - whether you're in a small meeting room or the back of a minibus!

Zoe, Digital team
21 August 2018

Big fun for small spaces

Ever find yourself in a tight spot? Whether you're in a small meeting space, the back of a minibus or even the inside of a tent, give one of these activity ideas from our members a try.

This blog idea was suggested by one of our members. If you have an idea for a blog get in touch with us on [email protected] 

1. Jigsaw poetry

We love leader Caroline's creative wordplay game for groups, which encourages creativity and cooperation. You could try it with words from newspapers, leaflets or magazines too.

Give each group a poem cut into individual words, a piece of card and some sticky tape. The idea is not to recreate the original poem, but to use some of the words to create something new – and it shouldn’t rhyme. When the words are arranged to their satisfaction they can add a title, any necessary punctuation and stick it down. 

2. Songs for the road

Songs aren't just for the campfire, says volunteer Helen, give them a go on the road too.

Campfire songs always go down well on the bus. Not sure how the drivers feel about them though!

3. Learn how smell affects taste

Ever wondered how our nose and taste buds work? Help girls find out using apples and natural essences in our Taste or smell? activity

4. Three word stories

Volunteer Mary's literary activity can be done absolutely anywhere, so it's a great one to always have up your sleeve.

If space is really limited, tell a three word story - each person tells three words of the story starting…"once upon a…” and then the next person adds…”Tuesday, there was..”

5.  Make your own Trivial Pursuit

Sometimes you can't beat a good board game says Senior Section member Mia. If space is really limited, ditch the board and just use the questions.

This is one of my favourite activities to do when we don’t have much room as it’s a challenge and you learn a lot. You can also create your own questions and themes that are more interesting for your unit or cover a certain badge you’re doing at that time.

6. Create a masterpiece

We love volunteer Abi's artistic idea - it's sure to end in lots of giggling!

Needs paper and pencil per girl: all draw head and neck, fold top of paper so only the bottom of the neck can be seen. Pass paper to person on the left. Now draw arms and torso, fold paper so only lower torso can be see. Pass paper. And so forth.

7. DIY friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets can be made absolutely anywhere says volunteer Kirsty - perfect if you're off on a trip.

They can be picked up and put down, and girls don’t need to move once they have them!!

8. Folding fun

Explore the Japanese art of origami and make beautiful cranes just by folding paper. Check out our Legend of 1,000 cranes video and follow along.

9. Keep counting

Try a simple counting game from member Caroline, which encourages concentration and awareness of others. 

2. Get the unit to count 1 to 10 (out loud and with each girl offering one number at a time). Anyone can call out the next number, but if two people speak at the same time you have to go back to number 1. 

10. Make a statement in a stylish way

Ask girls what the future means to them. What will the world be like? What sort of person do they want to be? Explain what a slogan is and ask girls to write one that gives a message of hope for the future. And then get them to put it on a t-shirt! If you don't have space, you can always stick to the slogan discussion and leave the t-shirt.