Taking girls to large scale events

Large-scale events like the Big Gig or Wellies and Wristbands can be real highlights of the guiding experience for girls

Follow this guidance and have an amazing adventure at a large-scale event

A large-scale event is defined as any event that has a hundred or more participants. This includes one-day events, overnights and residentials that last for several days. It can be indoors or outdoors, and includes camps, festivals, parties, sleepovers, and outings.

This guidance is for volunteers who are planning to take girls and young women to large-scale events. It covers:

  • planning your visit
  • advice for travelling to the event
  • supervising girls
  • what to do in a crisis - for example, if there are travel delays
  • top tips.

Remember - if you are taking girls to a residential large-scale event, you will need to complete a Residential event notification form and send it to your commissioner for approval.

Taking girls to large-scale events

Simple tips for a big adventure