Information and Consent Form.pdf

Use this form to ask for parental consent for events and activities. Part of the Emergency File

Download (PDF, 155KB)

Health Information Form.pdf

Gather information from members on their health needs, when planning to attend or organising an event

Download (PDF, 185KB)

Health Form for International Trips.pdf

Make sure members have filled this out if they're travelling abroad with guiding. For this particular form to work, you'll need to right click, save link as, click save and then open with Adobe Acrobat (or equivalent). This is because it is a newer file format and browsers tend to display an error message.

Download (PDF, 390KB)

Residential Event Notification Form.pdf

Use this Residential Event Notification form to tell your Commissioner that you're putting on an event

Download (PDF, 183KB)

Notification of accident or incident form.pdf

This form should be completed by an adult member of Girlguiding as soon as possible after an accident or incident. Part of the Emergency File.

Download (PDF, 41KB)

International Trips - Emergency Planning Guidance.pdf

Our good practice guidance covers setting up a home contact system, dealing with emergencies, handling the media and advice on risk assessments

Download (PDF, 191KB)

Commissioners Guide to Large-Scale Events.pdf

Support for Commissioners who are in charge of overseeing a large-scale event

Download (PDF, 205KB)

Event Coordinators' Guide to Large-Scale Events.pdf

Planning your first ever large-scale event? Make sure it runs as smoothly as possible with our guidance

Download (PDF, 942KB)