Become a peer educator

Becoming a Peer Educator is about changing the world – one girl at a time

Does it bother you that some girls still think that being “pretty” is the most important quality they could have?

Do you think all girls should have a chance to learn ways to build their own well-being?

Then you should become a peer educator.

Talking about issues

When it comes to talking about issues they’re passionate about, girls need you. It’s been proven that you, as a young woman, can have a huge impact on girls’ lives. You bring important issues to life because you know what it’s like to be young today.

As a peer educator you’ll walk into unit meetings and deliver sessions on things girls have told us they want to talk about. You will create a safe space for them to discuss subjects like self-esteem, mental wellbeing and challenging gender stereotypes. You’ll run activities which give them tools that will help them through the rest of their lives. 

Peer Education is unique, as it allows girls to explore and discover different topics and ideas, in a fun and comfortable environment. Not only do the girls have fun, but they learn skills for life, and because the activities are fun, they remember what they have discovered! – Mhairi, Scotland

Is Peer Education for you?

You can find out by completing our Introduction to Peer Education e-learning. It explains the role of a peer educator and is the first step to being trained up.

Become a Peer Educator e-learning

Next steps to becoming a peer educator

Once you’ve completed the e-learning, carry on your peer education journey by following each of these steps:

  1. Complete this form with your details so that the e-learning can be added to your GO record. 
  2. Find a Peer Education skills and topic training you can get to. Dates can be found on your country/region website
  3. Download the application form and email it to your the country/region office – then attend the training
  4. Deliver your first Peer Education sessions on one of our topics – Free Being MeThink Resilient, Breaking Free or Safe the world.
  5. Record your sessions on our session log
  6. We’ll update your GO record within a month of your training with your new role
  7. Congratulations - you are now a peer educator!

Find out more about peer educator badges

The training not only taught me how to lead a session, but I also learned so much about topics that affect me that I didn't know before. I made so many friends who were also interested in the same things as me, and we still draw on each other for inspiration and help in sessions. - Isi, peer educator in Leicestershire

Need help?

If you need any help with these steps, or you just can’t find the information you need, email us at [email protected]