Safety and Safeguarding policy: Risk assessment policy

Risk assessments mean girls and young women can take part in adventurous activities safely

Why we do risk assessments

It is expected that extra care will be taken by everyone working with children and young people. This requirement underpins Girlguiding’s Safety and Safeguarding Policy and informs all the work we do when undertaking guiding activities.

Guiding has always been about offering girls fun, adventure and activity. However, in order for an activity to contain an element of challenge, it may also include an element of risk. This can be risk to those taking part or risk to unit funds or property – but risks can be managed. Girlguiding’s risk assessment system has been prepared to help Leaders and event leaders identify the risks involved in the activities they are planning, so that these can be managed before the event. This reduces the risk of harm to Association members.

All activities, even those in the meeting place, carry an element of risk. Leaders are expected to follow Girlguiding’s policies to ensure the unit’s programme is carried out safely. Leaders can seek help and advice with residential and outdoor activities from their local Outdoor Activities Adviser/Coordinator, Camp/Holiday Adviser/Coordinator or other appropriate person, for example, Walking or Water Activities Adviser/Coordinator.

In Girlguiding, ‘participant’ refers to a member, prospective member or visitor (whether from the United Kingdom or abroad) taking part in an activity. A Leader or other adult is also a participant if she/he is not a qualified instructor or competent leader for that activity.

Published: 19 May 2017

Girlguiding policies and procedures are reviewed and updated from time to time as part of a review cycle.