Moving on from The Senior Section

The Senior Section retires this autumn, here's what to do if you're aged 19-25 and want to access our new offer

03 June 2019

Our new offer for young women is getting into full swing, with a brilliant network of  coordinators already rolling out exciting opportunities all over the UK.

From autumn this year, The Senior Section will be fully phased out. If you’re aged 19-25 and a leader or member of The Senior Section, or you're a GO coordinator, here’s what you need to do to make sure you or your members can take part in our 18+ opportunities.

If you’re 19-25-years-old

Check your roles on your GO record (My profile>My roles). If you hold a role in Girlguiding other than being a member of The Senior Section (such as unit leader, or a county role) and it’s recorded on GO, then that’s it. You don’t need to do anything else and are ready to get involved with new opportunities.

If you don’t hold another role on GO…

Speak to your leader about what you'd like to do. There're two options:

  • If you’ve got skills or passions that you’d like to share as a volunteer, now could be the perfect time. Remember this doesn’t need to be as unit leader, there are lots of different roles in guiding.
  • If volunteering isn’t right for you right now – for example if you’re moving to study or going travelling - you can transfer to the supporting member role on GO.

You or your leader should then email your county GO coordinator requesting that they add the supporting member role to your record. You’ll need to have this new role on your record by the end of the summer holidays.

Get in touch with your local 18-30 coordinator to find out what’s happening in your area, and get involved!

There are lots of local Facebook groups you can search for, or email [email protected], and we’ll put you in touch. Find out more about our opportunities for young women.

If you’re a leader of The Senior Section

As the end of the changeover year approaches, it’s important that you speak to any 19-25-year-olds in your units. Ask how they would like to stay part of guiding after The Senior Section is phased out.

Speak to young women in your units individually about what they love about guiding, what their skills and passions are, and how they see themselves staying involved. Some will already be volunteers, but we know others won’t want to volunteer at all at the moment – that’s fine!

  1. For those young women who don’t want to volunteer right now, they can transfer to the supporting member role on GO. This means they can take part in our opportunities for women aged 18-30 and that they remain a Girlguiding member once The Senior Section has been phased out. To do this, just email your county GO coordinator with the details of everyone in your unit that would like to be moved into the supporting member role. If you don’t have your county GO coordinator’s details, you can message her through the GO county directory.
  2. Make sure that you do this at the end of this term or in the summer holidays. You’ll also need to end The Senior Section roles of any 19-25-year-olds in your unit by the end of the summer holiday.

In some exceptional circumstances it will be possible for a young member with disabilities to stay in Rangers beyond her 19th birthday. This decision should be made together with the young person and involve their parent or carer where appropriate.

To find out more about the 18-30 offer in your area, get in touch with your local 18-30 coordinator through your country or region, or email [email protected]

Young members who are aged 18 and want to become volunteers will need a letter of commendation from their leader or commissioner. Check the recruitment procedure for more information.

If you’re a county GO coordinator or region GO coordinator

Over the summer holidays, The Senior Section will be fully phased out. Young members aged 18 and over will need to make sure they remain members of Girlguiding, so they can take part in our opportunities for young women.

We’re encouraging 19-25-year-old members to speak to their leaders about how they would like to continue their guiding journey and record their membership on GO. For those who aren’t ready to volunteer at the moment, we’re recommending they move into the supporting member role on GO at county level.

  1. Leaders of The Senior Section in your county will be in touch with details of any members who should be moved into this role.
  2. You may need to prompt anyone you haven’t heard from as we approach the end of the changeover year. Some young women may also be in touch with you directly to request you add the county supporting member role to their record.

Check out more information about the new offer for young women or contact your country or region coordinator. if you would like to be put in touch with your local coordinator, please email [email protected].