Starting to meet in person again

Meeting in person might be possible for your unit in the near future - here's how to stay safe when we come together again

When lockdown limits are lifted we might be able to start to meet in person again

We know that this has been a tough time for all our members. And we want to make sure that when we do meet in person again, we do it safely.

We're working with the National Youth Agency (NYA) and the wider youth sector to keep up with the latest information for youth groups. And a group of our volunteers and staff are working together to continue looking at what's needed to make sure our meetings are safe.

When lockdown limits lift, it might be possible to hold indoor or outdoor unit meetings in your area. Here you'll find everything you need to get back together safety.

If you're not able to meet in person, or just don't feel ready for that when it happens, don't forget that virtual meetings are a brilliant way to keep guiding going and stay connected with your girls.

We'll continue to stay up to date with government and NYA guidance and update our procedures and advice in line with Covid-19 best practice.