What's next for Adventures at home?

Although we're in a different place now, Adventures at home is here to stay

27 July 2021

While units couldn't meet face-to-face, Adventures at home kept us all going. 

Our online hub, packed with activities, challenges and virtual games, along with wellbeing and resilience resources, is free to access for everyone. We wanted to do our bit to help children and young people all over the UK have fun and feel supported during a really stressful and difficult time. 

Our amazing volunteers also needed help. For lots of you, keeping guiding going during lockdown was really important. It helped you stay connected with your guiding family, and let you keep on doing what you love most - being there for the girls in your unit. 

You used virtual games to keep Zoom calls fun and interesting, tried out unit meeting activities and skills builders with our how-to videos, and set girls fun challenges that helped them boost their creativity. We've been putting out new content every month since March 2020 to keep things fresh, and make sure that you had lots of resources at your fingertips. 

Now that more units are planning to get back to face-to-face meetings next term, we know that your needs have changed. We're still supporting you to have online meetings if that's what works best for your unit, and approach guiding flexibly. But we also know that lots of you want more guidance, support and ideas for face-to-face guiding. 

That's why we've decided to stop making more Adventures at home content every month. Instead, we'll be focusing on developing support and resources to help more of our wonderful volunteers return to guiding safely, in a way that works for them. We want to make sure that all our volunteers feel comfortable and supported as we continue to develop our 'new normal'. 

But don't worry, Adventures at home isn't going anywhere! We're going to make sure that the games, challenges, videos and other resources all stay available for everyone to access. For volunteers who haven't tried out the activities yet, they're a great resource to support term planning. We also think they'll be helpful to you in other situations. Maybe you have a girl who can't attend many unit meetings in a term, or know a parent who wants to know if there are any activities their daughter can do while she's on the waiting list? All our Adventures at home resources were designed so that children could follow them along by themselves at home, outside of unit meetings.

By keeping them freely available, we hope that they will continue to help you engage more girls with all the fun and adventure that Girlguiding has to offer.