Working together to improve Girlguiding’s technology

Making sure everyone in guiding is supported by brilliant technology

01 May 2024

Girlguiding helps all girls know they can do anything. And to do this, we need to make sure that everyone in guiding is supported by brilliant technology.

That’s why Girlguiding is starting a long-term project to ensure that volunteers, girls, parents, carers and Girlguiding staff can all enjoy smooth and efficient technologies by 2028, and spend time doing what really matters – helping girls enjoy the magic of guiding.

This work will be made up of lots of smaller projects, and each project will focus on improving an element of Girlguiding's technologies – things like the websites and online systems you use as part of day-to-day guiding. We know technology in the wider world is developing fast, and so we want to make sure that Girlguiding keeps pace with this. It’s all part of the work we’re doing to make the volunteer experience simpler. And we’ve heard your feedback: we know that a lot of your time is taken up by processes which could be better. We’re getting to work to tackle this.

At the moment, we’re focusing on getting the basics right. We’re bringing together a team who can help make this change happen by planning the work ahead and driving it forward. We want to make sure that this work equips Girlguiding for the future, so that it can continue to be a place where girls can enjoy fun, friendship, challenge and adventure for many years to come. That's why our focus is on putting volunteers, parents, girls and staff at the heart of the improvements we'll be making.

To do this, we’ll be working closely with a group of girls, volunteers, parents and carers who we began recruiting back in April. This group will be a key resource for us to listen to, dream big with, test, design and learn. As things start developing, we’ll keep you informed through our regular email newsletters and updates like these. We’ll also look for other ways to keep you updated as this work progresses. 

The changes we’re exploring will be small improvements over time. We're learning what worked well from previous improvements to our technologies - such as the new login process, or the introduction of the learning platform. We'll continue to learn what's worked well for people, and we're listening closely to feedback. And we'll make sure that everyone is ready for these changes by laying strong foundations. In time, this work will enable us to deliver even more incredible experiences for girls in guiding. You might not see things happen immediately, but rest assured – we're working on it, and hope to be able to talk more about specific changes very soon.