Latest updates to our policies and new procedures

Read the updates to our donation acceptance and fundraising policies and their new procedures

10 January 2024

We've recently updated our donation acceptance and fundraising policies and we've written new procedures for them both.

Find out more about what's changed and the new procedures below.

What are these policies and procedures used for?

The fundraising policy explains how we approach fundraising. It sets out our expectations for Girlguiding volunteers who are fundraising for Girlguiding or other organisations.

The donations acceptance policy explains when we can, and when we must accept, return, or refuse donations. It explains the types of donations we can accept, when to do checks on the donation and donor, and when a donation can or must be reviewed.

We’ve written new procedures for both donation acceptance and fundraising to help you understand how to follow the policies.

Our review of the policies and procedures

We held focus groups with volunteers in July 2023 to find out what they thought about the policies, and what they would like to see in our new procedures.

Thank you to everyone who took part - your input was really useful.

Key changes

  • The donation acceptance policy better clarifies when you can, and when you must, refuse or return a donation.
  • We've also added an expectations section to make your responsibilities clear.
  • The new donation acceptance procedure includes information about keeping records of donations, making sure you know your donor, and what to do if you need to refuse or return a donation.
  • The fundraising policy better explains how to make sure your fundraising is in line with the fundraising code of practice. We’ve also added expectations, including for those who are ultimately responsible for fundraising.
  • The new fundraising procedure includes answers to frequently asked questions, including when you might need a permit or licence, fundraising for other charities and fundraising with young members.

What do I need to do?

Before doing any fundraising activities or accepting donations re-read the policy and procedure so you can be confident you’re following the law.

If there’s anything you’re not sure about, get in touch with our fundraising team by emailing [email protected]