Improving the way you log in to GO and the learning platform

We’re introducing a simpler, more secure way of logging in

10 January 2024

From 9 April 2024, we’ll be making it easier for you to log in to GO and the learning platform.

We’ve heard your feedback and know that needing 2 passwords to log in to GO and the learning platform can be frustrating. That’s why going forward, you’ll only need 1 set of details to access both platforms.  

What’s changing? 

There are 2 key changes you need to know about. 

1. New login process 

When the new process goes live, you'll only need your email address and 1 password to access both GO and the learning platform. 

All the current weblinks that you use to access GO or the learning platform will stay the same. What will change is what the screen looks like when you go to log in. Keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek of what this will look like, coming soon. You’ll be asked to type in your email address and password. You’ll then need to confirm who you are – there's more information about that below.  

2. Confirming your identity

We’re also taking steps to help keep everyone’s data as safe as possible. That’s why we’re introducing a new 2-step process for confirming your identity – similar to something you might use when you access your bank or shop online. You’ll be able to choose how you want to confirm that it’s you logging in. You can do this by: 

  • Email.  
  • Text message.  
  • Mobile phone call. 
  • Using the Microsoft Authenticator app. 

This will be more secure than the current 2-step process for logging in to GO which asks you to answer an authentication question. You’ll need to complete this 2-step process and confirm who you are every time you log in.  

How can I prepare? 

When this new login process begins, we’ll have information and step by step guidance ready to help you. 

But there are a few things you can do before, to help everything go smoothly.  

  • Check your mobile phone number and email address are correct in GO. You’ll need to have an accurate, up to date email and mobile phone number listed in GO to be able to confirm your identity.  
  • Allow extra time the first time you log in. Once this new process is in place, you’ll need to spend a few extra minutes getting things set up the first time you want to use GO or the learning platform. But don’t worry - you won’t need to rush to try out this new process on the day it goes live. Just allow a little extra time when you next log in to GO or the learning platform, whenever that might be.  
  • Think about other people who you could help. Could you help Rangers, parents, or other volunteers in your units prepare? Making sure they’re aware this change is coming and have the correct email address and/or phone number listed on their GO records will help things go smoothly.  

We hope these changes will make things simpler and easier for everyone going forward. This work is part of wider digital improvements that we’re focusing on throughout 2024. We'll be continuing to work behind the scenes to make the volunteer experience simpler, so that you can focus on your time with girls.    

Questions you may have

It will be launching on 9 April 2024, after the subs process has finished. We’ll send you an email when the new process is live, with more guidance and support.  

For now, only GO and the learning platform will be accessed with the new login method. We hope to be able to add more Girlguiding platforms in the future, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated about this.  

We know that needing different logins for both GO and the learning platform has been confusing. That's why we're really pleased to be introducing this new login method, which we hope will make things simpler and more secure for everyone. We're always working on continued improvements to GO, and include updates about changes made in our monthly essential updates newsletter.  

This work is part of wider digital improvements that we’re focusing on throughout 2024. We'll be continuing to work behind the scenes to make the volunteer experience simpler.

As a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit leader, the best thing that you can do to help the parents of girls in your unit prepare is to make sure that their email addresses are correct on GO.  

Rangers, young leaders and young external volunteers (over 14) can log in to GO themselves, so please make sure they have their personal email address and mobile numbers listed as the main contact details. Their parent or carers’ details can be added further down the page.

The best thing that you can do to help prepare for this change as a Ranger or a young leader is make sure that your email address and mobile number are up-to-date on GO. Remember, you will need to ask your unit leader to help with this if it’s the first time you add your own email address to your record.  

As a parent or carer, the only thing that will be changing for you is how you (or your child, if she is 14 or older) log in to GO. You’ll need to use the new login and identity confirmation process. This will happen automatically the first time you try to log in to GO after the process goes live. Checking your email address and phone number are up to date in GO will help make sure things go smoothly when the change happens.  

Don’t worry – your data is safe, and always has been! We’re making improvements to ensure your data is even safer. We currently have security policies in place for access to things like the learning platform and GO to protect your data. Following recommendations from security experts, and with the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attacks, we are improving our security by introducing the new process to confirm your identity.  

Please make sure that you're the only person who's using your email address for Girlguiding purposes. Our adult members policy explains that all members need an up-to-date email address that only they can access. Our new login process will mean that only 1 individual can have an email address registered to their GO account 

Support calls

Throughout February 2024, we held 3 support calls for county GO coordinators, commissioners and trainers. These calls were to walk through the new login process and answer any questions volunteers may have. If you didn't manage to make one of the calls, you can catch up by watching the recording below. 

What should I do if I have more questions? 

We’ll be sharing more information before this new process goes live on 9 April 2024. If you have any urgent questions before then, you can contact our friendly membership services team by email at [email protected]. Our team will be operating extended opening hours to support those logging in with the new process from 9 April to 11 May. Extended phone and email hours will be Mondays and Tuesdays 10am - 8pm and Saturdays 10am - 2pm.