The leader development programme is over a year old

An update on our training programme to qualify as a unit leader

05 December 2023

Launched in August 2022, the leader development programme (LDP) was created as a result of lots of consultation with volunteers.

It replaced the leadership qualification (LQ) which volunteers told us was outdated and took too long to complete.

The leader development programme offers a self-led learning journey with bitesize content and a flexible approach to learning. The new programme aims to reduce the average time it takes to qualify as a leader from 2 years to 1 year, and we've seen most leaders in training complete the LDP within a year of starting.

We’ve just ended a year of transition so those completing the leadership qualification could finish this off, and now every new Girlguiding leader journey starts with the leader development programme.

'Leaders in training are pleased with how quickly they can get through the work and are therefore motivated to get it done,' - volunteer.

How it's going

Over 130 people have completed the leader development programme – that’s over 130 new leaders! And over 2000 more are currently working on the programme, including over 300 young leaders.

'The learning is so easy to access and good quality,' - volunteer.

And that's not all. Anyone who wants to change sections and has already completed the leadership qualification can now complete a 'moving sections' course on the learning platform. This replaces the previous module 1. 

And assistant leaders who want to become a leader can complete a 'top up course' instead of the previous module 4. 

You can find details about both courses on the learning platform

'It's great that the leaders in training can access the material at a time that suits them,’ - volunteer.

What's coming up

Our focus for 2024 will be on further supporting mentors to feel confident and skilled in their role. We’re also planning to run quarterly drop-in sessions for mentors, leader-in-training coordinators and commissioners. We’ll continue to update the content and processes to help volunteers to excel in their Girlguiding journey.

You can learn more about the leader development programme on the learning platform.

Thank you to all the leaders in training, mentors, coordinators and commissioners who have embraced the new programme, given us lots of useful feedback and continue to support volunteers.