Doing our part to help the environment

This November we’re helping the environment by trialling a digital edition of guiding magazine

Jo Ward
29 October 2019

Jo Ward is a Division Commissioner and Rainbow Leader in Beeston and Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, and a sustainable transport expert.

We’re going digital

I’m so excited to hear that Girlguiding members are once again leading the way and being a real force for good in the world. The November issue of guiding magazine is going to be digital for the first time!

Why does this matter?

This change is so important because the climate crisis is the biggest challenge we’re facing. Deforestation is one of the main causes of climate change as forests absorb vast amounts of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and release oxygen back into the air. However, many trees are being cut down to make products such as paper and they are not being replaced. And despite recycling figures being on the up the average family still throws away six trees worth of paper a year.

Reuse, reduce, recycle

For me the changes we need to make are obvious - reuse, reduce and recycle.

As a Rainbow leader and division commissioner, with a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies - and one whose professional life is all about getting us all to be more sustainable - I’m delighted to see that Girlguiding is taking the issue of climate change so seriously; from Future Girl Acts and Plastic Promise to the new digital magazine.

Girlguiding has always advocated being part of a worldwide community, taking collective responsibility for the communities in which we live. That means doing our best to address and act on current issues, in order to secure a positive future.

So this small change is hugely important in terms of listening to the young members and demonstrating positive behaviours, in order to build a better future.

Help change history

Trialling this new magazine format will be a change for all of us. We will all have to work out ways to make sure that the vital information it contains is still accessible, but it’s important that we try this new way of working together.

This is a call to action for all adult leaders in Girlguiding to lead the way and act on the concerns of our young members, to show them that the future can be much greener.

Who knows who else will see what we are doing and be inspired to lead a cleaner, greener future and in that way, we really could change the world.

Read the digital issue

Our digital issue is now live - explore it now on your phone, tablet or computer!

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