Establishing the need for a unit

How to assess the need for a new unit in your local community - and to conduct a mapping exercise

Establish whether there is a need for a new unit before you do anything else.

It's vital to think carefully about the membership needs of the area so you can run a successful and healthy unit where girls and volunteers will thrive. Different factors can affect what approach will work best.

Work with your commissioner

Speak with the commissioner who is responsible for the management of guiding in the local area. Together you should consider:

  • what provision for guiding already exists in the area
  • where existing units meet and if they have any capacity to take more girls
  • any new housing developments, or ones planned in the future
  • what public transport is available and any plans for this to change
  • any new schools, colleges or community provisions - such as youth clubs or activities - or areas with increasing populations.

Conduct a mapping exercise

'Mapping' your area simply means learning more about it - through gathering together information about the local population, educational institutions, residential and commercial builds, transport links, and the location and make-up of existing units. Our mapping exercise toolkit can guide you through the process.

Once you've mapped your local area, you'll be in a better position to make key decisions about how to run your unit and recruit young members.

You may find it to be an especially useful exercise to have at a district or division meeting.

Get our mapping toolkit

Our mapping exercise toolkit gives you everything you need to complete a mapping excerise for your local area.