Hosting or staying with other guiding groups

Hosted hospitality is hosting or staying with other guiding groups in the UK or abroad

Updated 19 October 2023

Host or stay with other guiding groups - here and abroad. 

At jamborees and other international events in the UK and abroad, guiding groups often need a place to stay. The whole group must stay together, for example in a hall, school or campsite, so girls have a great experience in a supervised and safe environment. This is called group hosted hospitality. 

For hosted hospitality outside of the UK

All aspects of travelling abroad regulations should be followed. 

When doing group hosted hospitality, you must keep to all residential rules, such as having separate sleeping and washing areas if there are boys or men present.   

Young members cannot take part in hosted hospitality (where girls stay with the families of guiding or scouting members from the area they are visiting and live as part of the family). This is because staying in a host's private home presents significant challenges in ensuring the safety of our young members. 

For hosted hospitality within the UK

Groups from the UK can also host other girl guide or girl scouts from abroad in the same way i.e., as a group, in a residential venue. 

Guiding young members from around the world cannot stay at the homes of UK guiding families, either in groups or pairs. They can only partake in group hosted hospitality in a residential venue, such as guide hall, campsite, etc. 

Adult members

Adult members of Girlguiding are allowed to partake in hosted hospitality if they want to. We recommend following these guidelines for hosted hospitality: 

  • Check your accommodation before you go – do you have your own room and/or bathroom? 
  • Try to find a host who’s of similar age and with similar interests to you. 
  • Think about how comfortable you are travelling alone; you may prefer to stay as a pair with another Girlguiding member. 
  • Think about your access and health requirements. Do you have any allergies?  
  • Make sure others know about your plans, have details of where and when you’re staying, and that you have an emergency plan in place. 

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact [email protected].