Our refreshed brand is almost here!

Practical ideas to celebrate in your unit, extra information and the launch date

It’s almost time to update how we look and talk!  

Here’s some more information, including programme ideas to do in your unit. 

The launch date 

The refreshed brand will be unveiled to the wider world on Wednesday, 8 March, which is also International Women’s Day! 

Members will get a sneak peek of the refreshed brand in an email on Tuesday, 7 March so you can see it before its shown to the rest of the world. 

Celebrate the launch in your unit 

March 8 is just the start. Mark the event during the spring and summer terms by doing some activities in your unit. Here are some ideas from the communicate skills builder that you can use to explore our refreshed brand. 

You could start by explaining what a brand is: it’s the way an organisation expresses itself, how it speaks and how it looks. Our refreshed brand is based on what girls, volunteers and the public have told us and we gathered all of that into 3 themes: belonging, exploring, and having fun. We used those themes to find new ways of talking about Girlguiding, making it easy say who we are, why we exist and what we offer, and make the new visuals you’ll see on 8 March. 

Rainbows and Brownies could have a go at picture perfect from stage 2. We all think and learn in different ways. Some people prefer reading or listening, while others like to learn using pictures. Get creative and draw some pictures to communicate with others.  

This activity could be adapted to explore and understand the impact of pictures and images in our refreshed brand. To find this activity, go to page 11 and 12 of the communicate stage 2 PDF. 

And Guides and Rangers can explore the brand with sign of the times from stage 4. As they race against the clock, they need to find and decode signs and symbols in this visual investigation. This activity could be adapted by replacing the suggested signs with brands girls may know. They can discuss the importance of brands, rather than safety signs. To find this activity, go to page 11 and 12 of the communicate stage 4 PDF. 

And if girls want to carry on learning about our brand at home, they could have a go at these interest badges: 

  • Rainbows: drawing interest badge. Rainbows can explore the refreshed brand and express their creativity. This badge can be a way to explore the impact of designs and pictures in branding. 
  • Brownies: painting interest badge. Brownies can explore the refreshed brand, be creative and explore the impact of designs and pictures in branding.
  • Guides: personal brand interest badge. Guides can learn that what they do, wear, say and enjoy makes them unique – their personal brand. This badge is all about the impact and importance of branding.  
  • Rangers: animation interest badge. Rangers can bring static stories to life by designing characters and sets to tell their own story – in any way you like. This badge can be a way to explore the brand and bring it to life using animation. 

A reminder of what is and what isn’t changing

When it comes to day-to-day guiding, there’s nothing you need to change yet. From 8 March, you’ll have two years to get used to the new brand and start to use it. And uniform isn’t changing until 2026. 

Our website and online shop will look different straight away, and so will things like the emails you get. But you don’t have to buy new resources, badges or anything else until you need to.  

If you want to buy new giftware, you’ll be able to do this from 8 March. For all our other products, we’re using up what we have before buying new stock, so you’ll see things in both brand styles for a while. 

Our online design centre will have just the refreshed brand templates and logos on it from 8 March. Brand guidelines and information about how to use our refreshed brand will be available on our website. This will include how to use the logo, trefoil and your unit’s name on badges, hoodies and other merchandise. 

There’s a lot that will be changing in the next few years. But here’s what’s not changing:  

  • Our name: we’re still Girlguiding 
  • Our sections: it’s still Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers 
  • Our mission, vision and values 
  • Our Promise and Law 
  • Our programme. The design of our programme materials, but not the content, will change to the refreshed brand in 2024 
  • Uniform won’t change until 2026 

If you have any questions about the refreshed brand, email [email protected]. 

Thank you! 

Nothing in Girlguiding is possible without volunteers, so thank you to everyone who makes great experiences for girls happen. 

The refreshed brand will be easier to use, attract more members and show the world how amazing Girlguiding is.  

And if you want more information about why we’re refreshing our brand, how its been funded  and how it’ll help us get new members, read our blog about the background of the refresh. 

Keep an eye out for the sneak peek email on Tuesday, 7 March and get ready to celebrate the launch on Wednesday, 8 March!